2020 NFL Play 60 Flag Football (Hosted by Fords Bearcats)

Pricing Details

Total: $ 50.00

2020 NFL Play 60 Flag Football (Hosted by Fords Bearcats)

The league is open for boys & girls in grades Pre-K (4 year old)-8th in Woodbridge and surrounding towns.

Registration Cost is $50.00 and includes:

• Official NFL Reversible Jersey and Flag Belt
• 8 Regular Season Games
• End of Season Playoffs
• Lots of fun, Competition and Play
• No Practices during the week
• All Practices are held 30 minutes before each game
• All games will be played at Fords Park – Bearcats Field
• Payment Plans Available
• Maximum $200 per Family

The season is scheduled to start April 4th. Schedule will be determined once we have complete number of participants and teams. Games will not be played Memorial Day weekend. All games are played at Fords Park Bearcats Field.

Levels Breakdown :
•Grades K-2;
•Grades 3-4:
•Grades 5-6:
•Grades 7-8:

Running time for the game lasts 45 minutes. Games can be longer due to time outs.

Waiver Information


I, The Parent/Legal Guardian Of Understand The Game Of Football Will Require My Child To Engage In Vigorous Physical Activity. Although Injuries Are Not Frequent I Understand They Do Occur. I, Do Hereby Declare My Full Understanding Of The Risks Inherent To The Registered Activities And Clearly State That I, Of My Free Act And Deed Do Hereby Give My Consent For The Above Named Registrant To Participate In Any And All Activities Including Out Of State Travel If Necessary.


I Agree To Assume All Risks And Hazards Incidental To Participation On A (Flag) Football Team, Including Transportation To And From All Of The Activities. I Do Hereby, As My Free Act And Deed, Agree To, Waive, Release, Absolve, Indemnify And Agree To Hold Harmless The Association, Conference, National Affiliate, The Officers, Directors, Sponsors, Volunteers, Participants, And Persons Transporting My Child/Ward To And From Any And All Team Activities, From Any Claim Arising Out Of Participating, Except To The Extent And In The Amount Covered By Accident Or Liability Insurance.


Because Your Child Is Involved In An Active Sport, There May Be An Occasion When An Injury Occurs That Requires Medical Attention Or Treatment And We Are Unable To Contact You. This Situation May Occur At Team Functions, Practices Or At Games, Both Home And Away (Possibly Out Of State). WARNING: Flag Football May Result In Injury..


I Am Of The Opinion That My Son/Daughter/Ward Is Scholastically Fit And Would Benefit By Participation In This Program. I Agree To Submit A Copy Of My Son/Daughter/Ward’s Last Completed Grade, End Of Year/Last Complete Report Card Or A Written Statement Of Scholastic Fitness From The School Administration.


The Ideology Of Youth Sports Including Flag Football Is To Promote Good Understanding And Fundamental Knowledge Of The Sport. It Is Also Critical That Good Sportsmanship Including The Ability To Always Conduct Oneself In An Appropriate Manner Of Positive Accord Both On And Off The Field. It Is Understood That Any Incident Considered Detrimental To The Pursuit Of This Ideology Will Not Be Tolerated. It Will Be Addressed In Accordance With The Statutes Of The Association, Conference, Current National Affiliation, And May Result In Dismissal From The Program And The Inability To Participate In Any Future Related Activities Of The Association. This Code Of Conduct Applies To All Involved With The Program Including But Not Limited To, The Football Players, Parents And Guardians, Coaches, Volunteers, Officers And Board Members.

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